Artists and Projects

Fast Implode

Behind all current RNS-projects stands the label-founder Christjan G. 

Implode is a solo-project for his softer styles like trance and progressive (trance). He was born in 1981 in East Germany and started to make music in 1998. He is enthused about Propellerheads Reason since the first release in 2001. His full time job is a programmer in a web agency.


STS is a solo-project by STefan S. He was born in 1980 in a City/Village not far from Berlin, Germany. Stefan started to make music in 2000 and is stoked to all trance and harddance styles around the globe.

C.O.L.D. [Comprehensive Offensive Loud Delicious]

This project started in 2003 in a collaboration between STS and Implode. It is dedicated for the harder trance-styles or the "rough" in "rough and sweet".


She is the voice in many "rough and sweet"-tracks. She was the inspiration for Christjans first track. Without her, this music and website may never have come to reality. Thanks little sister ;-)

Tom Iron & Tim Steel

Iron & Steel or exactly "Tom Iron & Tim Steel" is a project by Stefan and Christjan, too. This project is located in/related to the hardest styles of "rough and sweet". Mostly Hardstyle with a dash of melodic sounds.


.reLoad{} is a collaboration between "Silent Project" and "Implode". In 2003 they found each other at the music platform "MyOwnMusic". After making some remixes they started to make completely new tracks together. Silent Project works as a programmer in Berlin, too. Therefor the projectname is a reference to their full time jobs.