Artist Title Version Label
Renegade System Urban Viper Original Mix [Aria Digital]
Nostic Exploring Space Dave Spinout & TrickyDJ Remix [Hyper Reality Records]
Chris Connolly Velociraptor Wavetraxx Remix [HQ Recordings]
ChrisX2 You like the music Original Mix [Surge Recordings]
Conciliator Project Crazy Rhythm   [YavoroWonder]
Leon B This Is My Realm S.H.O.K.K. Remix [Impact Recordings]
Nick The Kid, Quake Chroma Extended Mix [HTE Recordings]
Liam Melly Need to Know Extended Mix [FlatLine Recordings]
Obsidian Project Digger 2020 Greidor Allmaster Remix [Eternal Sun Records / ESR HARD]
Zac Steele Illegal Though Master   [Surge Recordings]
Daniel Doering ititit Original Mix [Hyper Reality Records]
Horisone Make Sense Extended Mix [Colorize (Enhanced)]