License Information

There are different situations where you want to use our music/sounds/samples. The following chart will help you. If you are not sure, contact me, "ask for permission" does not mean, you have to pay for.

  permitted ask for permission needs copyright mark and link
Private DJ-Sets (< 50 listeners) X    
Links or tweets to tracks or samples by RNS X    
Online DJ-Sets (streamed, no download, non-profit) X   X
Online DJ-Sets (download or commercial)   X X
Online videos (e.g. youtube)   X X
Compilations (mp3, CD, Vinyl)   X X
Re-Publish single tracks on your own social media accounts   X X
Use single snippets or preview tracks for own activities   X X
Use samples or remix tracks   X  

DJ-Set - is a compilation of different tracks that have been mixed together