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Artist Title Version Label
Mark Sherry The Release (Extended Mix) [Outburst Records]
J Rogers Genocide (Felix R Remix) [Hyper Reality Records]
TNT I AM TECHNO (Extended Mix) [Dirty Workz]
XLS The Sound (Original Mix) [HTE Recordings]
David Forbes Exposure (Extended Mix) [Outburst Records]
Stuarty Baillie Next Life   [HTE Recordings]
C.O.L.D. Farewell (ID)  
Yusef Kifah Intrinsic   [HTE Recordings]
AlexMo When The lights Go Down (Extended Mix) [HTE Recordings]
Smith & Brown Tardus (Extended Mix) [Blacknet]
Add-us Find You (Original Mix) [ICONYC]
DJ T.H. & Bas van den Eijken Growing Up (Extended Mix) [HTE Recordings]
DJ187 Silicone (Reece Project Remix) [Altered Reality Records]