Artist Title Version Label
Grant Holmes Operator (Original Mix) [Country Club Recordings]
The Overseer Thought Control (C.O.L.D. Remix) [Surge Recordings Online]
Mindflux, Stabij Evolve (Extended Future Mix) [HTE Recordings]
DJ WAG Life On Mars (Steve Hill vs D10 Mix) [Traffic Tunes Germany]
Lee Greenaway Destruction (Dave Spinout & TrickyDJ Remix) [Hyper Reality Records]
WALT & FELIZ Endless (Original Mix) [Fusion Holland]
A*S*Y*S, Kaspar Injection (Original Mix) [Fe Chrome]
Alex Daf Back to Life (Jam El Mar Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
TreuHand Exarchia Squatter (Original Mix) [Jaelos]
Alex Di Stefano Quadra (Extended Mix) [Skullduggery]
Nostic Rescue Me (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]
Rainer K vs Alex Starsound Face 2 Face   [Infused Traxx]
TWO LANES Drifting (Original Mix) [Lowly]