Artist Title Version Label
Wavetraxx & DJ Centaury Lazarus 2020 Wavetraxx Extended Club Mix [HTE Recordings]
Hennes & Cold First Session C.O.L.D.'s Cut of D10 Extended Remix [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]
Aponaut The Hyper Reality S.U.L.L.Y Remix [Hyper Reality Records]
The Overseer Thought Control   [Surge Recordings]
Conciliator Project Renaissance Original Mix [Eternal Sun Records / ESR HARD]
Public Domain, Nutty T Lift Off Original Mix [Nutty Traxx]
Harddance Luv Journey Outer Mind Remix  
Systembreaker What Lies Within Us Extended Mix [Outburst Records]
Mindflux Soul Cluster Original Mix [Hyper Reality Records]
P.H.A.T.T. Voyage Extended Mix [Phoenix Recordings]
Noath Fury of the Cosmos C.O.L.D. Remix [Innergize Records]
Montoni Fire Liar Costa Pantazis Extended Remix [HTE Recordings]
Burak Harsitlioglu Nylon Man Original H&D Mix [Eternal Sun Records / ESR HARD]