C.O.L.D. | rough and sweet 004 | Safehouse-Radio

Artist Title Version Label
Anima Mindscape (ReDrive Remix) [Xtraxx Records]
Renegade System Acid Attack (2017 Mix) [Digitally Infected]
Hennes & Cold First Session (Original Mix) [Tracid Traxxx]
Mindflux Everlasting Grief (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]
Anima Insanity (Original Mix) [Idiosyncratic Audio]
Chris Metcalfe & Mike Sanders Right Here, Right Now (Original Mix) [Grotesque]
ID ID    
Hatom First of All (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]
C.O.L.D. ID (Original Mix) [UNRELEASED, www.rough-and-sweet.com]
Darroo & Alex Starsound The Message From Space (Original Mix) [Infused Traxx]
Nick the Kid & Ed Lynam Flatliners (Original Mix) [HTE Recordings]
Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano Everyone Is Looking For Us (Original Mix) [Outburst Records]